Radiation Protection

Radiation Protection Products provided by Mega Radiation are manufactured with the finest materials and workmanship, with experience spanning over 30 years. With constant quality control and ongoing inspection, you are assured with the strongest and most functional lead-lined doors and radiation protection materials possible. Mega Radiation has set up and provides radiation protection materials for numerous Radiation and Diagnostic centers to hospitals and medical centers all over Malaysia. Please click on Project References to view some of our completed projects.

All Radiation Protection Products can and will be manufactured to cater to all your needs and specifications, additional options are available to provide you with the best radiation protection solutions.

Civil & Structual Work

Mega Radiation has worked along with major medical equipment suppliers in construction and designing of the reinforcement, structural and steel works for radiation therapy and diagnostic rooms.


Mega Radiation has a track record of proven results and satisfied customers throughout Malaysia. We seek to provide the full spectrum of business renovation and refurbishment services, thus you will be benefitted with an end to end solution. Apart from specializing in Radiation Protection Works, Mega Radiation does provide an end-to-end renovation and refurbishment work for our clients.

Electrical & Carpentry

MWe also provide high quality carpentry and installations for all types of interiors. We can custom make almost anything you can think of, from vanities, built-ins, entertainment centers, backdrops and walk-in closets. We even build the furniture and accessories to go with it, dressers, tables, and anything you desire.

Mural Lights

This is a new product line brought in by us. Mural Light is more than a pretty picture painted on the ceiling; the mural light replicates the subtle stimuli of the real sky’s color temperature, pattern, hue and viewer’s perspective. It gives you the whole new experience of real sky at indoor. We believe Mural Light triggers a genuine relaxation of expanded sense of space, comfort, inner stability and vitality.

Mural Light has been put in trade for a period of six years, and these are some of the positive feedbacks we gathered from clients:

  • It improves healing and increases the rate of recovery for patients.
  • It reduces pain and anxiety from patients and has a restorative effect on them.
  • It gives an enclosed interior a more open space feeling, especially for those who have claustrophobia.
  • Mural light increases productivity and satisfaction of staff working in a closed door environment.
  • It establishes a market differentiation and increases client referrals.
  • It is an ideal enhancement of healthcare, residential and hospital settings.