Mega Radiation Sdn Bhd is a certified Malaysian supplier that produces a full line of radiation shielding and industrial leaded products. These include lead-lined doors and lead-lined partition, leaded x-ray safety glass and many other leaded shielding and industrial leaded products which meet the requirements of the Ministry of Health, Malaysia.

Apart from specializing in radiation protection works, our area of expertise also lies in Structural & Steel Works, Renovation & Refurbishment and Electrical & Carpentry Works. Our management team and staffs have a total of at least 30 years experience put together. If you need any ideas or advice on our areas of expertise, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Radiation Protection Works

With over a decade of experience in providing Diagnostic Imaging products to private and government hospitals and medical centers, our range of products includes barium plaster, a radiation protection plaster used on the walls of X-ray rooms, lead-lined doors, leaded glass and frames which are fully imported. Lead-lined doors and frames are required for all radiation therapy rooms and we have had many years of expertise in designing, fabricating and installing Radiation Protection products, providing our services to several government and private hospitals and medical centers throughout Malaysia.

Mega Radiation has had experience working on several Mammography rooms on Mobile Vehicles, from design to installation of radiation protection works. This project runs in by Universiti Sains Malaysia. Our expertise and experience in providing Radiation Protection solutions is multi-faceted from the extensive list of projects we have completed over the years.

Mega Radiation is available to fabricate lead-lined doors, frames, supply barium plaster and leaded glass in accordance to your specifications and also to include other options based on your requirements. All materials are fully imported and locally fabricated based on the requirements and specifications of the Ministry of Health, Malaysia.

Civil & Structural Works

We specialize in any form of structural and steel works, to meet with all your need and requirements. We have the capacity to carry out designs, fabrications and erections of all types of structural steel work. Mega Radiation guarantees you with first class quality services, as well as the highest level of safety and timing.

Renovation & Refurbishment

Simple to extensive renovation works are available for any form of businesses. At Mega Radiation we are aware that working out the best budget allocated for business renovation and refurbishment is a time consuming uphill task. With our years of experience we guarantee value-for-money and deliver the most affordable office refurbishment and renovation to meet your business needs and objectives. We have extensively working on renovation and refurbishment jobs for homes, condominiums, hospitals, medical centers and beauty centers all across Malaysia. For a full list of our completed projects, please refer to Completed Project.

Electrical & Carpentry Works

We take care of your total office electrical and carpentry solution - from small business reconstruction to middle size commercial renovation jobs, we are here to provide you with a customized solution in accordance to your requirements. Projects that we have worked on vary from private dwellings, condominiums, small to medium sized businesses, medical centers and hospitals throughout Malaysia.